Biden, Putin Agree To Hold More Talks Amid Tensions Over Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US partner Joe Biden have consented to hold more discussions in the midst of strains over a Russian troop develop close to Ukraine, the Kremlin said on Sunday, and Putin might want to meet face to face at some stage as well.


The Kremlin said Putin and Biden had consented to hold more discussions during a video approach December 7 which zeroed in on East-West relations, which have sunk to their most reduced level since the finish of the Cold War and are as of now stressed by the Russian troop develop close to Ukraine.

Biden utilized that video call to caution Putin that the West would force “solid monetary and different measures” on Russia assuming it attacks Ukraine, while Putin has requested ensures that NATO won’t extend farther toward the east.

In a video delivered on state TV, Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov said that Putin had no specific justification for positive thinking in the wake of addressing Biden in view of proceeded, and intense contrasts among Russia and the US over Moscow’s purported ‘red lines’ which it doesn’t need the West to cross.

Aside from additional NATO development eastwards, Russia has said it doesn’t need specific hostile weapons sent in nations that line it, like Ukraine.

Putin on December 7 told Biden that Russian soldiers were on Russian region and didn’t represent a danger to anybody, Peskov said. The current…tensions, etc are being made to additionally deride Russia and cast it as a likely attacker,” Peskov added.

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